Project highlights

The key outcomes of the ONTIC project are the following:

  • ONTIC has integrated offline and online mechanisms and techniques into an autonomous supervised or unsupervised network traffic characterization framework to be used as cornerstone of a new generation of scalable and proactive network management and engineering applications.
  • ONTIC has proposed three paradigmatic use cases and implemented their corresponding prototypes.
    (UC #1) Network Anomaly Detection; (UC #2) Adaptive Quality of Experience (QoE) Control; and (UC #3) Proactive Congestion Detection and Control Systems.
  • Project results have been validated with real data obtained from the core network of an Spanish ISP.
    On average, 1,5Gb of network traffic data was obtained each second and the capture process has been going on for a period of 24 months. The resulting ONTS dataset (0.5 Petabytes) has been anonymized and made publicly available to foster new research initiatives in the big data analytics area.
    In addition, a synthetic dataset called SynthONTS was generated and made publicly available in order to validate unsupervised network anomaly detectors.
  • ONTIC has produced 30 scientific papers submitted to a wide range of high quality journals and international peer-reviewed conferences.
    Two of them were published in ISI/JCR Q2 journals and another one in the International Conference in Data Mining (ICDM), the premier data-mining conference in the world.
  • Three innovations have been identified and three international workshops and education and training activities have been organized with the aim to foster the creation of skills in the data science and Big Data areas.



Latest News

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BigDAP 2016

We are glad to announce the Third International Workshop on Big Data Application and Principles (BigDAP 2016), to be held 2016 August 28th, at Prague, Czech Republic.

Call for Papers:

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BigDAP 2015

We are glad to announce the Second International Workshop on Big Data Application and Principles (BigDAP 20145), to be held 2015 Sept. 8th, at Futuroscope, Poitiers, France.

Call for Papers:

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ONTIC Project press release by Polito

Polito has recently published a press release specifically for the ONTIC project on the December 8th 2014 edition of a leading Italian business newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, (, which is the most widespread newspaper among decision makers and business people in Italy. The full page of the newspaper which includes the press release is available as a PDF file after the break. Future plans are to evaluate the outcomes of this press release and include the possibility of a new press release with updated results of the project.

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