ONTIC Framework

The ONTIC Framework is provided as a number of software components under an open source license.

Usually, the component source code is provided. When referring to the components implementing the use cases’ proofs-of-concept, container images, are usually provided as well.

Git has been selected as control version software as it is currently one of the most used free control version software, with support in the most popular development environments (IDE). As such, a Git server has been used as the ONTIC Framework software repository.

On the other hand, some components in the ONTIC Framework, mainly those related to use case implementation, as provided as software containers as well. In particular, all the algorithms and software components generated in the technical workpackages (WP2, WP3, WP4 and WP5) have been released with an open source licence (Apache 2.0) and stored in a gitlab repository (https://gitlab.com/ontic/).

In addition, the docker containers utilized in the Use case UC#2 have been uploaded at Docker Hub.


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BigDAP 2016

We are glad to announce the Third International Workshop on Big Data Application and Principles (BigDAP 2016), to be held 2016 August 28th, at Prague, Czech Republic.

Call for Papers: http://ict-ontic.eu/bigdap16/cfp.txt

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BigDAP 2015

We are glad to announce the Second International Workshop on Big Data Application and Principles (BigDAP 20145), to be held 2015 Sept. 8th, at Futuroscope, Poitiers, France.

Call for Papers: http://ict-ontic.eu/bigdap15/cfp.txt

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ONTIC Project press release by Polito

Polito has recently published a press release specifically for the ONTIC project on the December 8th 2014 edition of a leading Italian business newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, (www.ilsole24ore.it), which is the most widespread newspaper among decision makers and business people in Italy. The full page of the newspaper which includes the press release is available as a PDF file after the break. Future plans are to evaluate the outcomes of this press release and include the possibility of a new press release with updated results of the project.

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